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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

What does it cost to rent a treetop cabin?

Answer: The wooden cabins cost from NOK 2.990 to NOK 4.990 per cabin per day depending on arrival date. The cabin price is per cottage per day and includes stays for up to 9 people.

Can we drive to the cabins? Yes, but the cabins are located in a protected area, with restrictions for use of motorized vehicles in outdoor areas. It is only allowed to enter the forest to the cabin on arrival and return on departure, maximum two cars per cabin.

Other cars, as well as visitors of those who stay overnight, must park their cars at the parking lot down by the farm house.

There is a speed limit of 20 km per hour in the whole area.

Can we order cleaning on departure day?

Answer: Yes, cleaning costs NOK. 395, - This is requested at the time of booking.

Can we order bed linen and towel?

Answer: Yes, it costs NOK 135, - per bed. We put the towel and bed linen in the cabin, and the guest must put on the bed linen and take it off before leaving.

Can we order food in the cabins?

Answer: You can order a cold table with chicken, cured meat, choices of cheese, biscuits and fresh bread. You can also order a breakfast basket with varied cold cuts and fresh bread. Price can be found in Additional Options when making your cabin reservation.

Where do we buy groceries?

If you come from Horten city there are several food stores to choose between. If you come from the highway there is a SPAR food store in Nykirke on your right hand.

How should we pay?

Answer: You pay online when making your reservation. Additional extra things that are booked after finishing your reservation on-line, must be paid on arrival with credit card.

Check in / Check out hours?

Answer: Check in from 16h00 and departure before 13h00. Please let us know by SMS if you arrive after 17h00 or leave before 13h00.

Where are the cabins located?

Answer: In Veggeskogen at Nykirke in Horten municipality. We will send detailed directions after booking.

Where do we find our key?

Answer: Information about this is sent by email when ordering.

Can we bring a dog?

Answer: Dogs are also welcome in two of the cabins (Falcon nest and Hawks nest) but dog owners are responsible for cleaning before departure. NB! Bring a plastic bag for faeces.

Which season is the best?

Answer: Difficult to answer. Depending on when you think the nature is the coolest and what you want to do with activities (skiing, cycling, berry picking, mushroom picking, swimming, bird watching ... ..) All cabins are winter isolated and are used throughout the year. Our goal is that all guests come to a heated cabin and lighten candles in wintertime.

Which cabin should I choose?

Answer: All cabins are similar in design, but with different views. Our cabins are named after 5 famous bird species; Falk, Hawk, Owl, Buteo and Eagle. All cabins have … nest after the bird's name.) Falcon nest turns mostly east and the Eagle nest turns southward. See the details below each cottage.

How is the opportunity to fish at the wooden cabins?

Answer: The cabins are located on a plateau, about 100 meters above the fjord, so there is no fishing spot near the cabin.

What do we need to bring?

Answer: Drinking water, indoor shoes, flashlight, bedspread / sleeping bag (duvets / pillows are in the cabin), food, spices and drinks. There is limited space in the cabins, so do not pack too much. The information letter will be sent to the guest after booking.

Is there a coffee maker in the cabin?

Answer: No, but a kettle to boil water. Bring cookware or instant coffee.

Cancellations policy?

Answer: If cancelled or moved to another cabin / date more than 31 days before arrival, all costs are refunded, less a booking fee of NOK 390, - If cancelled from 31 to 14 days before arrival, 50% will be refunded. If cancelled less than 14 days before arrival, no items will be refunded. If you need to cancel due to illness, we recommend that you check if your travel insurance covers this.

Is public transport available to the cabins?

Answer: No, unfortunately! You can either drive by car or you can take a taxi from Horten.

Is it squirrels at the cabins?

Answer: It is squirrel at all cabins, but in the first year of operation, most squirrels will be quite unfamiliar with humans, so we ask our guests to be a little patient.