Tretopphytter Oslofjord is happy to welcome you back after a six weeks long closure. The cabins have all been cleaned and sanitized, and the forest plants, flowers and critters all await your arrival.

The following are measures that the national health authorities require us to implement, and we ask you to observe and follow these measures during your stay with us:

1. Keep 1 - 2 meters distance to other persons / guests that you don't usually share household with daily.

2. Personal hygiene is very important, especially washing of hands.

3. If you cough or sneeze make sure to cover your mouth and nose with disposable tissues, or the sleeve of your shirt / jacket.

4.All surfaces such as; doorhandles, light switches tabletops, bench tops, sinks, appliances, WC, showers are carefully cleaned and sanitized.

5. Please help us in preparing the cabin for the next guest. Thank you.

6. Pay close attention when handling garbage / trash. Make sure to dispose in marked bins / containers.

7. We ask you to please observe and follow all the above.

Again; we are happy to be able to welcome you to Tretopphytter Oslofjord.