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Welcome to Tretopphytter Oslofjord

Come experience the unique Tretopphytter Oslofjord - A four seasons adventure in beautiful surroundings!

Our "simple to use calendar" below allows you to easily book your visit with us. Press any month or date and all cabins will show. Days that have already been booked are marked in red. Or you may go directly to page: “Booking/Prices”. Check in: 16.00 (4pm) Check out: 13.00 (1pm)

Ved bestilling av 1 døgn: Trykk på samme dato 2 ganger. Da blir handlekurven synlig og du kan fortsette bestillingen.

Ved bestilling av flere døgn: Trykk på ankomst dato 1 gang og deretter 1 gang på dagen FØR avreisedato.

Ekorn Bjarne Borgersen3
Ekorn Bjarne Borgersen3

All cabins have unique views of the Oslo Fjord and are idyllically situated in the old forest with barrel and mistletoe.

Easy to find, The Tretopphytter Oslofjord is located in Norway’s south central region of Vestfold. Approximately one hour south of Oslo, off the E18 exit 33, drive 3,3 kilometers towards the city of Horten, then turn left on Veggeveien. Just follow the “map to the cabins

Our five treetop cabins, The Eagle’s Nest, The Buteo’s Nest, The Owls’ Nest, The Hawk’s Nest, and The Falcon’s Nest, are all nestled more than one hundred meters above sea level with a spectacular view overlooking the Oslo Fjord.

Bring your family, come with friends and enjoy an unforgettable stay with us in fully furnished cabins. All with ample space for seven to nine guests. Go to sleep under a blanket of stars twinkling down through skylights and wake up to the sun rising over the Oslo Fjord. Enjoy nature walks in the wooded surroundings, or hike down trails to the shore.

An overnight stay at one of our cabins can be a unique opportunity for adults with children to experience the forest's enchantment and together see animals they have not seen in reality.

It will also be the perfect gift for someone who fills a round or a wedding couple who wants a romantic experience.

You can easily make an order on our secured online booking.

We welcome you!

Tretopphytter Oslofjord