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By selecting the desired date / month in the calendar below, you get an overview for all 5 treetop cabins. Then use the calendar for the desired cabin and combine if you want to book several cabins at the same time. Dates shaded in red are busy days. Available days are available from 16h00 on the current day and until 13h00 on the following day. You can also book a cabin from the page Booking / Price

Ekorn Bjarne Borgersen3
Ekorn Bjarne Borgersen3

The five treetop cabins are located on the farm Nordre Vegge outside Horten in Vestfold. Hundred meters above sea level and eight meters above ground level, the cabins are securely anchored in pine trees.

All cabins have unique views of the Oslo Fjord and are idyllically situated in the old forest with barrel and mistletoe.

The cabins are very easy to find. In Horten municipality - one hour from Oslo city center, one hour from Skien. 10 minutes from E 18, Kopstadskrysset, exit number 33.

The treetop cabins have got names for birds that build nests or live in the area; Eagles nest (Ørneredet), Buteos nest (Våkeredet), Owl nest (Ugleredet), Hawks nest (Haukeredet) and Falcon nest (Falkeredet).

You will experience close contact with the forest nature and the animals and birds that lives there. You are a guest in their home and they are curious to see who you are.

From the loft in the cabin, you can lie and see the skylight and the stars from top roof window.

All treetop cabins are winter isolated and have space for seven to nine people. They are wood-fired and have a kitchenette with stove and small fridge, separate bedroom with double bed, a bathroom with shower and a loft with 5 mattresses. The sofa bed in the living room can be used as a bed if you are many for up to 2 people, but then it will be good and cramped in the cabin. There are duvets, pillows and service for 8 people. If you choose to be 9, you must bring extra service and bed linen. The cabins are equipped with everything you need for a pleasant experience in the trees - in the middle of nature - throughout the year.

An overnight stay at one of our cabins can be a unique opportunity for adults with children to experience the forest's enchantment and together see animals they have not seen in reality.

It will also be the perfect gift for someone who fills a round or a wedding couple who wants a romantic experience.

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